Beginning Fall of 2015, Ohio Wesleyan is offering students a washable TO GO container at the Marketplace at HamWil to help reduce landfill waste.

The program is easy:

  • Student tells line server at The Marketplace that they would like their food in a reusable take out container.
  • The student will be charged for their meal plus a $5 charge (deposit) for the container.
  • Return the container (clean or dirty) to a Marketplace or Merrick Café cashier and they will credit your OWU card for $5.
  • As long as you return the reusable containers it will cost you nothing!

Please help us make our reusable container program a success. Let us know of ideas you have to make the program better. Contact Steve Ismael.

Our reusable To Go containers are:

  • 100% BPA Free
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Highly Durable Polypropylene
  • Microwave Safe for Re-Heating
  • Leak-Resistant Designs
  • Stackable


“Can I use it for the salad bar?” At this point we are focusing on hot food to help reduce throw-away clam shell containers. Our scales do not have the ability to tare weight (discount the weight of the reusable containers) which would cause students to get charged a higher rate for their salad.

“What if I lose it?” If you lose it or if someone else takes it because you left it behind the initial $5 charge will be left on your account. This will go towards replacement costs.

“What if it breaks?” The expected life of the containers is 2 years. In the first year we will be taking it case by case and if it is determined the container was broken due to normal wear and tear we will refund your money, but you must bring the broken container to the cashiers as stated above.

“Is there a cost to the students?” As long as a container is returned each time it is taken out there will be no cost to the students.

“Can I microwave it?” Yes, it is microwave safe.

“Where can I return it?” Reusable containers can only be returned through the cashiers at Marketplace or at Merrick Café.

“Can I wash it and keep it to use instead of turning it in each time?” Per City of Delaware Board of Health rules we are not allowed to serve food on anything that is out of our control.